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Agency for international content management, translation, localisation of websites and CMS, international SEO, SEA and content marketing
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Die Internationalisierungs-Experten

The Internationalization Experts

Los expertos en internacionalización

Эксперты по интернационализации


Gli esperti di internazionalizzazione

The Internationalisation Experts


Os especialistas em internacionalização

Οι εμπειρογνώμονες διεθνοποίησης

Internasjonalisering eksperter

Les experts de l'internationalisation

Die Internationalisierungs-Experten

خبراء التدويل


Die Internationalisierungs-Experten


What we stand for

We set up your digital products for the international stage and provide you with support for live operation and global marketing.


What we do

We support you with proven expertise in all areas
relating to international content management.


Design of websites, mobile apps and digital services that are suitable for international roll-out


Translation and country-specific adaptation to local circumstances

International staffing

Finding native speakers and specialists from the target market

Roll-out and support

International IT and CMS roll-outs with first- and second-level support


Consulting and digital strategy development for international IT/CMS solutions, processes and content

Automation solutions

Process analysis, consulting on the use of standard software or development of custom tools

Content management

Concept design, editing and production of text, plus ongoing maintenance of multilingual content

International SEO and SEA

SEO consulting for on-site measures, SEO copywriting, SEO translation and international SEA campaigns

Concept design and creation

Development of online solutions, CRM measures and international content marketing

Video production

Modular and multilingual production of explainer videos


How we work

Four central principles of how we work which also ensure success for your project.

  • Highly specialised

    We have proven expertise in international roll-outs of complex digital projects.

  • Tool-based

    We simplify the global management of multilingual content with the help of intelligent tools.

  • Sustainable

    We ensure long-term success through targeted training and intensive continuous dialogue.

  • Process-optimised

    We establish processes and continuously optimise them to achieve the highest standards of quality.


Where we have achieved success together

Selected case studies from current projects

Volkswagen Car-Net roll-out

The task: Quick entry into local markets

  • Roll-out management for the Car-Net customer portal in 40 international markets
  • Efficient localisation in 30 languages together with the local teams
  • Drawing up of flexible workflows to maintain the portal content using agile methods

Our solution: Master the complexity

  • Early planning of portal internationalisation and all relevant roll-out processes
  • Automation of the translation processes, in place of cost-intensive manual handling
  • Use of tailor-made online tools for collaboration with 40 local contacts

The result: Maximum scalability with maximum efficiency

  • Launch of all portals within three months and on schedule after the initial roll-out
  • Faster scaling of content into a large number of languages and markets
  • Safeguarding the end product with comprehensive adaptation to local circumstances


Car-Net roll-out


Rapid entry into 40 local markets thanks to intelligent workflows and automated processes

Volkswagen Car-Net CRM

The task: Increase the usage of Car-Net

  • Creative concept design and fine-tuning of the trigger-based campaign content
  • Design and copywriting of individual email campaigns
  • Management of translation into 30 languages and quality assurance

Our solution: Personalisation and automation

  • Development of a contact sequence for addressing customers directly
  • Analysis of the product life cycle and creation of tailor-made customer communication
  • Reduction of internal workload through automation of the translation processes

The result: Targeted customer communication

  • Personalised email campaigns for sending in connection with specific events
  • Focus on converting customers to activate and use the Car-Net services
  • Simple scalability for further markets and areas


Car-Net CRM


Increase in usage through direct communication with customers and personalised campaigns in 30 languages

Volkswagen Car-Net terminology

The task: Standardised terminology in all 30 languages

  • Redesign and management of future translation and adaptation processes
  • Long-term guarantee of consistent terminology beyond all front ends
  • Maximum consideration of local market conditions and customer requirements

Our solution: Tool-managed translation and market adaptation

  • Analysis of the existing process landscape in a dialogue with all stakeholders
  • Definition of condensed workflows with processes that have maximum automation
  • Requirements definition and design of an online tool for efficient adaptation of translation

The result: Consistent terminology, maximum customer acceptance

  • Development management for a tailor-made software solution using agile methods
  • Intensive training of all stakeholders involved on how to use the new tool and workflow
  • Communication, management and support for all project steps


Car-Net terminology


Creation of standardised terminology in 38 languages using a tool-based dialogue with all local stakeholders

Volkswagen microsite relaunch

The task: Optimisation of the Car-Net marketing site

  • Analysis of how the content was previously displayed on volkswagen-carnet.com
  • Review of the possibilities for optimising the website and user navigation
  • Consideration of the technical framework (AEM CMS and VW templates)

Our solution: Restructuring of the content

  • Redesign of the user navigation based on the analysis of user journeys
  • Optimised content management using Adobe Experience Manager
  • SEO analysis of the website and formulation of recommendations for action

The result: Better usability and positive SEO effect

  • Improved conversion rate and user interaction thanks to simplified user navigation
  • Easier to find thanks to search engine optimisation (on-site)
  • Optimised content master enables efficient roll-out in diverse target markets


Microsite relaunch


Optimisation of the Car-Net marketing site through redesign of the user navigation concept and provision of SEO consulting

Before joining qwp, our team members worked for

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Who we are

We provide you with expert, reliable and personal support on your journey to success.


Michael Quast

Founder/Managing Partner


Marcel Willms

Founder/Managing Partner


Juliane Nitz

Content Manager


Torsten Reinfurth

Head of Project Management/
Senior Consultant


Ronny Schmidt

Technical Project Manager/
Senior Consultant


Stephanie Michaelis

Project Manager


Maurice Forter

Project Manager


Karin Willms

Roll-out Manager


Mateo Bermudez Gaeth

Content Manager


… together with a global network of external specialists in and from the target markets.


How to contact us

Tell us your plans – and we’ll tell you how we can help.

When contacting us, your details will be stored permanently for the purpose of processing the inquiry as well as for queries.
Further information can be found in our Privacy Policy .